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Are You Being a Jerk, Even if You Aren’t a Jerk?

September 4, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

It’s interesting, the other day I was watching a thread of discussion in one of the groups I joined online. It’s a group of lawyers that write back and forth about various legal issues. Occasionally, someone gets upset about the volume of emails and the number of threads being written back and forth. I don’t know about you, but for me, it takes about one second to delete an email. I understand that sometimes, the discussion is not relevant to me, or it’s not what I want to focus on, but for some people, these emails appear to be a great inconvenience. They’ll occasionally get upset if the conversation evolves, gets a little off-topic, or goes on for a long time. They’ll send snarky emails about, “Please stop this thread,” or, “Please take this offline,” or, “I’m getting too many emails.”

What’s the net result of that? I think many people probably perceive those people as being jerks; they’re not being friendly to other. They’re not doing what they need to do, and they’re probably not thinking about how they are impacting others. They’re part of a community that they voluntarily joined, but they’re not happy when the community does what it’s supposed to do. At the end of the day, they’re probably being a jerk.

The question is, we’re all trying to be efficient. We’re all trying to do more in our business. But, are we doing the right things, or are we being a jerk? Think carefully about this, make sure you do things the right way. Make sure you’re thinking about your impact on others. Be a good citizen, don’t be a jerk.

What’s been your experience with this? Have you seen other people being jerks? What have you done to avoid being perceived this way yourself? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your experience.


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