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Are You A Problem Friend?

September 5, 2017 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

We talked in prior blogs about the fact that one of your friends might be a problem. Are you in turn being a good friend to your colleagues? Are you being what you should be or are you bringing your problems to others? There’s a slight difference between being a friend and asking for advice and reaching out to your friends and being a real burden and hindrance. Unfortunately, I think some people cross this line without knowing it. They start to think about their friends as having to fix all their problems or you’re not a good friend unless you fix it.
Friends are there to support you, to help you, to be part of your life, and to share experiences with you, but they’re not your servants. They don’t owe you any duty. They are there optionally as part of an ongoing relationship. So, yes friends should support you, friends should help you, but at the same time they’re not obligated to and they don’t have to help you. I want you to look very carefully at your relationships. Most of us are fine, but occasionally I see people who have abused the privilege or have expected their friends to do too much and this often puts a burden on the friends and it causes a frustration between them. I want you to think about the type of friend you’re being and I want you to think about how you’re managing your relationships, business or personal, to make sure that you’re making the most out of relationships and you’re not overtaxing the interaction with others.
What’s been your experience? Have you ever gone too far? Have you ever lost out for friends? Join us in the comments below and let us know about your experience.


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