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A Woman’s Victory in The Presidential Election Campaign

November 16, 2016 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Leading up to the 2016 election, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female to win the presidency. Of course, we know that didn’t happen but we did have one woman who was very successful in the presidential election cycle, a woman who did win in a sense.

Donald Trump’s campaign was run by Kellyanne Conway and it turns out she was the first female campaign manager to win a presidential election; so we did have a female with a big win in this presidential election cycle. Of course, Hillary Clinton did an amazing job in the election cycle too. She captured the popular vote (millions of votes are still not counted). Although, Hillary Clinton was very close to winning the entire election, Kelly Anne Conway also did something very notable.

It is not surprising that we had very successful women on both sides of the aisle for the major parties in the 2016 Presidential election. Women have advantages. Women can be successful. I often speak about the women’s advantages in business partnerships  ( Here is woman, Kellyanne Conway being, successful in another endeavor, in politics, using her skill, and her intellect. Reportedly, she used some of her advantages as a woman to understand other females, to help propel the campaign forward, so there was a great deal of success for women.

One woman almost won the presidency and another female ran the first successful presidential election campaign run by a female campaign manager. 2016 has given us something to celebrate. We’ve seen the skills that women have. We’ve seen what women can do. Women can apply these skills in business as well. They can be successful.

What are you doing to enhance your success? Are you supporting the women in your business and in your life? Are you helping them to get to the level? Are you recognizing their greatness? Join us in the comments below.

Women can be successful.

Kellyanne Conway is the first female campaign manager to win a presidential election.


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