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Thousands of views – and nothing to say?

March 30, 2018

Thousands of views.  Virtually no likes or comments.

That’s what happened to one of my LinkedIn videos this week.

And it makes sense.  When I looked at who viewed it’s a lot of big companies in the automotive and automation space.

Everyone’s watching. Lots of people are afraid to take a stand.

But I feel this is one of those … Read the rest

Driverless Cars – We Don’t Have the Answers (Yet) and the Issues are Coming

March 28, 2018

Driverless Cars.

Driverless Trucks.

Millions of cab drivers, truck drivers, restaurant employees, hotel/motel employees are about to lose their jobs.

That’s what we’ve been hearing. And I don’t think it’s a lie. It just might be delayed.

You see the recent crashes, and deaths, with Uber and Tesla vehicles raise real questions. What do we do? There are real lives … Read the rest

Is the rise of artificial intelligence worth it?

March 28, 2018

The world has been talking about automation, technology and the rise of artificial intelligence.

But we know artificial intelligence is not intelligent. At least not fully!

And the latest spate of Uber and Telsa crashes have us wondering what’s next.  What is next?

The legal system isn’t ready for this, and we are going to see a lot of messy … Read the rest

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