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Building Online Training: Listening to your audience

June 28, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

***This is a series of articles at the McBride For Business Blog that are designed to help those of you that want to build online training based on our experience building our online training.***

Online training is built to serve. At least the good versions are.

And if you are going to serve your audience you need to listen. They’ll tell you what they want to know about in your interactions.

Many of us start with offline training and services and then layer on the online portion. This gives a real leg-up when creating the content. Not to say you can’t build a great online training course without doing offline training or content – it just may be harder.

No matter what you need to listen to your audience.

Your online training should be geared to SOMEONE. Who is it meant to serve and help?

What is their need?

Listen to them and gear your content to them.

But how do you do that?

Let me tell you…

How I built mine

It was actually quite simple how I built my online training courses Doing Business in the US and Fastlane.

Both are based on other courses, materials and trainings I am already doing. Because of this I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. I simply listened to my audiences and their needs.

Once I knew what my audience needed from feedback forms, questions actions and comments given to me – I knew how to serve them in online training.

I bet you could do the same with your knowledge.

Be adaptable

Another key is to be adaptable. Hopefully starting your online training you know a lot about your market and audience.

Regardless of how much you know you are going to be learning as you go. They’ll ask you questions for new issues (or issues you missed). They’ll also ask for clarification on points.

So build your course to be flexible and adaptable. Are your modules able to be reordered?

If you are formatting your training correctly it should be easy to modify.  See our prior blog on formatting online training.

The future

Is online training your future? Do you need a hand? If so we offer coaching at McBride For Business on just these issues.

The Our Shawn

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