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Ethics in Selling

June 26, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Last weekend I did a program on ethics of selling. We had over 200 motivated people from the construction industry in the room.

And theme came up that didn’t really surprise me: very few people trust those that sell to them.

There was also another “BUT” from the discussion…

BUT those that do get trust build have a much easier time selling:  taking every call, informing customers regularly and going to the extra mile to get things done right.

The difference in sales experience in night and day. Those that reported going the extra mile reported great sales.

And not everyone is ethical

Many of the folks in the room are struggling with the fact that other sellers are unethical – they don’t have the licenses, they don’t get the permits or they keep doing the wrong things even after they’ve been found out.

And it raises real questions of what you should do. I strongly believe you have to do the right thing even if others aren’t.

This means you have to be a better seller. Unfortunately the unethical do cost others money. They can make it hard to run a business.

But you can rise above it. You can sell more and be successful without stooping to the level of the unethical. I’ve seen it in my business – and my audience has seen it in theirs.

Don’t get discouraged – get better.

So if you are dealing with the unethical don’t get discouraged. Get better.

Build a more effective team.

Hone your sales process so that you aren’t wasting time on bad prospects.

If you need to get better at sales give us a call. We can custom build a program that will help you and your team sell better – in a way that will allow you to sleep at night.

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