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How I Get More Fun Things To Happen To Me

June 20, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

I have a fun life. I don’t say this to brag. I just say it because I want to inspire others.

I am very intentional about dreaming and thinking about where I want to be. It’s a theme you’ll find in most of my speaking programs.

And I am also very myself.

Some people find that weird. I mean I now dress unusually because of my Do Business Differently(™) theme. I can wear almost anything these days. And the stranger it gets the more people are happy. It’s liberating.

And because of it unique souls find me.

Like the day I was sitting in a coffee shop and Cary Pierce of Jackopierce came over and started a conversation about my attire.

And then the great copywriter and business coach Sara Anna Powers later covered in her blog.

Both because I just Do Business Differently(™).

And recently the Florida Bar tweeted about my suits often during the Florida Bar Annual Meeting.

All of this fun from me being me.

And because I am so genuine and have fun being different I get to meet a lot more people than when I was “normal” or dressed like everyone else.

So How Does This Happen?  What Can You Do With This?

So how does that happen to me?  And why does it matter to you?

It largely happens to be because I am so comfortable being usual. People come up to me and see my suits and many say some variation of “you look great in that but I could never pull that off.”

NOW I am not telling you to go get crazy suits.  What I am telling you is to think about how you can express you to more people.

When you express you more of your people will find you. And your tribe will grow.

And I promise fun will follow.

Are you interested in doing more in business?  Leveraging your uniqueness? My Fastlane Course would be just the place to start. Or some premium one-on-one coaching?

Are you ready to do things in life you never thought you would? If you are I am ready to help!

The Our Shawn

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