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Ethical Selling: Ethical Selling Teams

June 19, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

***NOTE: This is part of a multi-article series on ethics in selling. The Our Shawn provides keynotes and other programs on ethical selling and he brings you some of his thoughts and findings here. Make sure you check out all of the articles at our blog. If you need more assistance call us for an appointment.***

At some point in any business the business grows. And there will be multiple people selling.

To some extent everyone on the team is in sales. Either they are creating sales or they are supporting sales.

And with bigger teams becomes the issue of keeping a consistent culture. And keeping a culture of ethics.

We would hope that every organization wants to be ethical and it’s one of their core principles in the business.

So how do you scale and stay ethical?

Keeping the ethics

Ethics should be part of the core culture. So when an organization is scaling they need to work to keep that core culture. But one of the biggests issues in scaling is that the core culture can get diluted – or change.

But one thing can keep this from happening – communication. In organizations where the culture is communicated (written is great for this, though it can be supplemented with video, live or other formats) it is more likely to keep the team on the same page.

In order to effectively do this follow the following steps:

1) Agree on what the culture is and what is required to be part of the culture – this comes from leadership;

2) Commit this cultural sense to writing (in as few words as possible);

3) Communicate this culture organization-wide;

4) Create regular meetings on the culture to reinforce; and

5) Monitor behavior and actions to see whether they match your culture.

The regular meetings, reinforcement and monitoring are key. Without these steps humans will stray. Our minds are constantly reprogramming themselves and we need to stay tuned into those things that matter.

Dealing with Change

The above framework will get you started and work to a constant and predictable culture.

But things will change – both moral norms and organizational demands.

For this reason we recommend revisiting your culture regularly and adjusting to the new realities and what you are seeing in live action.

Need a little help?

If you need a little help with this it is one of our core services as McBride For Business. We would be glad to visit with you and set-up a plan that works for you!

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