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Ethical Selling: Your Commission Vs. Your Customers Needs and the Elephant In The Room

June 11, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

***NOTE: This is part of a multi-article series on ethics in selling. The Our Shawn provides keynotes and other programs on ethical selling and he brings you some of his thoughts and findings here. Make sure you check out all of the articles at our blog. If you need more assistance call us for an appointment.***

In almost every sales call you make there is a very real and very important elephant in the room.

It’s usually known and it’s rarely discussed.

Your customer thinks you are selling them so you can get your commission. They are thinking it and you need to overcome it.  And bring the elephant out too (scary, I know).

Ethics is no fun to discuss

Discussing ethics is about as fun as taking the garbage to the curb. It’s inconvenient, unpleasant and often doesn’t smell good.

But it’s an important topic.

And it’s a topic that can make you money.

So what do we do?

So you are trying to make the sale to your customer because, well, you have stuff to sell.

Your customer likely has a need for your offering (or something close to it) or else you wouldn’t even be talking.

So we have to somehow bridge this gap.

One thing I recommend in situations like this is to have a process that is clear and transparent.

Systems and processes drive sales so we should be using them to find our potential clients, filter our leads and move to closing. It seems that the best salespeople have processes regardless of what they call them.

And a good process does more that get you to the sale.

A good process takes the “pressure” or “close” out of the equation.

The next step

Once we have the process and system we should show it to our potential clients. This reveals to them that we care about them (and those like them) and we aren’t just after their money.

That prospect wants to know we aren’t motivated by the commission but rather that we are in touch with our professionalism.

And it’s good for us too!

Not only do having the systems and processes help us sell more by showing we aren’t over-motivated by commission it also helps us (beyond helping us make more sales).

By having a system we have a clear check on ourselves. It helps us make sure we don’t overstep the boundaries by the lore of commission.

And that’s practical ethics in practice.

If your company is having challenges getting the right process in place give us a call – – and we can co-create a plan for your needs.

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