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Champ and change

June 9, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

My parents have a dog named “Champ”.

He’s kinda awesome.  Very smart, very obedient.

But Champ notices the littlest of changes. If the routine changes he is in the know…and quick.

Just putting on your shoes and heading to the door alerts him you are likely taking the car somewhere, for instance.

So if a dog can notice changes what about our customers?

Well they are busy humans so they might miss some things…but for the most part they are going to know when a change happens.

And this is good. And bad.

If you mess up they’ll know – and probably quicker than you like.

And if you do good and make positive changes they will notice too.

Sometimes our clients are hesitant to change routines. But I think if you have the willpower and ability to be consistent you should make changes for the better as soon as you can. Start enjoying the benefits.

So don’t wait for a special ocassion. Start getting noticed sooner.

And own your mistakes.

What positive changes can you make this week?

The Our Shawn

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