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Strategic Planning:  When to give up and start over

June 8, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

***NOTE: This is part of a multi-article series on strategic planning. Make sure you check out all of the articles at our blog. If you need more assistance call us for an appointment.***

So one of the biggest questions we get on strategic planning is “when do I just give up and start over?”

There are many times start over – rather than refining – on a strategic plan makes sense.

Let’s take a look at some times it might make sense to start over:

The Market Has Changed

Often the market changes. You might be coming into a change in the economy or technology may have emerged. If you see a shift so fundamental that everything changes then it’s time for a new plan rather than an update.

You Have Changed

Sometimes your skills, abilities or interests change. If you see this happening it might be time for new plan.

The World Around You has Changed

Maybe your family changed, a big event happened or there was some other shift. If the people you are interacting with have changed and how you interact with them have changed it might be time for a new plan.

What You Thought Would Work Doesn’t

Often we have clients that built a plan with the best of intentions. But that plan doesn’t work. If one of the fundamental assumptions in your planning is “out” so is your plan.

Something Worked Unexpectedly

Maybe you were testing something and it worked. Maybe you stumbled into something that works well. In either case it might be a great time to revamp your plan top to bottom rather than updating.

The Common Thread

The common thread in all of the write-ups about is a shift of change happened that you might not have expected.

When this is a major shift it is often good to start anew with your planning rather than just building onto and updating your existing plans.

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