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Fastlane:  Don’t Forget the Ethics

May 31, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

***NOTE: This is a series of articles on shifting your business into the fastlane. These are quick tips adapted from McBride For Business’ Fastlane program. The complete program is available here.***

The Fastlane is fun!  Who doesn’t want to do more of what they love?  And make a profit too? It’s what our Fastlane Course is all about.

But let’s not forget ethics!  Because sometimes the Fastlane comes with bad choices.

Here’s some examples: here, here and here.

Great Power, Great Responsibility

The old saying is that with great power comes great responsibility.

As our businesses grow we do get more opportunity and more power to influence the economy and people.

And the temptations will come too. People will offer you things that “aren’t right” or could hurt you and others. I’ve had those offers made to me. I’ve had clients fall for them. I have speaking colleagues that have been in jail for their choices – here and here. And I’ve had legal clients come close (no guarantee everything can work out so well for others).

So you’ll need to be ready for the challenges.

Think of Ethics Early

In the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid we have ethics as part of the foundation. And we believe it should be the foundation of all business.

And the time to think of ethics is at the outset of your business and project – not later.

What will you do?  How will you prepare yourself for when someone offers you money to sell out your values?

You need to think about this in advance. I know that the allure of money could change your thinking.

Think on it. Test yourself. Test your staff.

Drilling and reacting to hypotheticals can be a great way to build this muscle. You might think it is silly. But as lawyers we are drilled in ethics. And I can tell you it makes a real difference when you get tested.

Just like you don’t want to walk into a sales call with no preparation don’t walk into an ethical dilemma with no idea of what you’ll do.

Your intentions might not end up matching your actions.

It’s not something to leave to chance in the heat of the moment.

Because what’s the point of building a great business if it hurts others?

Are you looking to build a business – or launch a new product line in your business? If so the Fastlane Course might be just what you need.

The Our Shawn

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