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Fastlane:  Productivity Comes After The Hard Work

May 30, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Fastlane:  Productivity Comes After The Hard Work

***NOTE: This is a series of articles on shifting your business into the fastlane. These are quick tips adapted from McBride For Business’ Fastlane program. The complete program is available here.***

Raise your hand if you been to a workshop put on by someone that is successful in business?

I imagine seeing a lot of hands raised out there.

I’ve been to many of these types of workshops. Many hosted by the National Speakers Association (NSA), including NSA North Texas and NSA Central Florida.

And I love NSA and I am a regular attendee.

But one thing tends to happen at all these events whether they are NSA or some other workshop.  The speaker starts to tell you how they did things and how you need to focus and be efficient.

And it makes great sense. But the problem is – for most businesses, including my business and the business of my clients early on – that it doesn’t work.

You Don’t Come Out of the Box Being Efficient

Efficiency is earned. It’s almost like a fine wine – you age into it.

Almost no one, unless on accident, comes out of the box being efficient. You have to be messy. You have to test. You have to do the the wrong things and do them the wrong way.

But in doing things the wrong way you’ll start to see the right way. It is said that Thomas Edison was not inventing the light bulb but rather finding 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb – until one worked.

And so goes most businesses.

(We covered the need for experimentation in sales in a prior blog.)

The Overfocus on Efficiency

Yet I see it again and again. New businesses (or the same goes for projects or new product lines in existing businesses) need to test and not focus on efficiency.

Efficiency comes from a seed. Something that works. Something that germinates.

By focusing on efficiency too soon you are focusing on growing a random seed of your business and not the strongest one.

Give it time. Let something start growing. Find your strongest seeds in your business. Then focus on that and grow.

Keep looking for what is working. And grow from there.

And if you are having trouble putting all of the pieces in order to grow the right way – our Fastlane Course is for you.

The Our Shawn

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