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How Could the Promotability Process(TM) Change Your Business?

May 25, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Fastlane:  Why You Need A Promotability Process(™)

***NOTE: This is a series of articles on shifting your business into the fastlane. These are quick tips adapted from McBride For Business’ Fastlane program. The complete program is available here.***

When you look at the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid you’ll notice that Promotability Process(™) is one of the keys to the foundation of the pyramid.

But why is it so important and so foundational?

First, let’s establish the basics of the Promotability Process(™). In it’s simplest terms it is the process for advancement in your company that you will be sharing with your team members as you company goes and grows.

We think that when you have a Promotability Process(™) and communicate it to your team members amazing things happen.

Let’s look at some of the things a Promotability Process(™)  can do for your organization.

Here are three key things the Promotability Process(™) can do:

Sets Expectations

When you stop and communicate with your team members about what it takes to get promoted it becomes very clear what you expect from there. They know where they are going. Each team member they knows that is needed.

You can, and should, also tie the promotability process into your performance evaluation system. More on that now…

Allows Monitoring

By having the Promotability Process(™) as part of your evaluations and expectations of your team members you can start monitoring how everyone is doing to the expectations.

For instance your company’s Promotability Process(™) might require a team member to manage projects independently without supervision. Now as you progress in your career you can look at whether that team member is doing just that – or something different.

Fosters Communication

The mere fact that you have a Promotability Process(™) causes team members to know what you value and expect. That’s the start of the communication.

As the team member works and progresses they’ll be communicating two major things – (1) their interest level/commitment, and (2) their ability. Some team members will regularly be checking their progress in the Promotability Process(™) and others won’t.

Over time you’ll start to see who is really interested, who isn’t, and who has the ability to make it.

Harness the Power

The Promotability Process(™) can be really powerful. But you have to become clear on your organization’s values and what it takes to get ahead. Communicate that and turn it into a system for advancement and I bet amazing things happen.

Let us know what you’ve tried and what your experience has been.

The Our Shawn

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