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How Do You Do Business Differently(TM) to Get in the Fastlane

May 24, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Fastlane: Going Back to Do Business Differently(™)

***NOTE: This is a series of articles on shifting your business into the fastlane. These are quick tips adapted from McBride For Business’ Fastlane program. The complete program is available here.***

Those that know me know I am a big fan of Do Business Differently(™).  I think everyone should be unique and different in their way of doing business.

And there is a real practical side to Do Business Differently(™). If you are doing it the right way you are showing the world, including your potential customers, what is different about you and why they should do business with you.

And this is going to lead to sales.  MONEY!

There has to be a why to doing business with you and it has to be more than I am great at _______ (fill in what you are great at). In all likelihood there are multiple people that are great at that (whatever you filled in). In many cases there are several people that are great at that in your city!

But uniqueness…

Uniqueness Sells

If you are unique that you are the only one offering something then who is your competition?

Think on that a moment.

If you are the only one filling a category than you can create a no competition situation.

This is how Do Business Differently(™) ties into the real world of business and competitive advantage.

But in my experience most businesses don’t push hard enough to get unique enough so they don’t carve away from enough competition. We are the only one in the world that sells red widgets could be unique. But if customers like red and blue widgets just the same – then what does it matter?

My Journey

I am an attorney and a CPA.

Early in my business journey I thought that made me unique. Everyone should flock to my business.

But it wasn’t enough. Turns out there are a lot of business lawyers that are CPAs or have good financial grounding.

There needed to be more.

Eventually I also became a business management and sales speaker which brought together my skills in a new delivery platform. Now I was unique. Not may attorneys, CPAs or similar experts can hold a stage like I can (just being honest).

Do Business Differently(™) is Born

People started to notice I was different but I didn’t have a phrase or visual to go with it.  I would just hear “you are like no other attorney we’ve seen before” when I got off stage.

Eventually I stumbled into the idea of unusual suits to express who I am to others in a visual way.  And the Do Business Differently(™) phrase came is its companion. It’s about a constant reminder we should all be unique and different and express who we truly are in the world. It helps my listeners.  And it makes me unique.

Back to You

So are you being truly unique?  Are you Doing Business Differently(™)?

Do you have something no one else has that helps you make sales at premium prices?

It’s something you should be thinking about.

Every business should be very unique in some way.

Let us know your experience. What have you done?

The Our Shawn

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