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What Support Methods are Best for Training

May 23, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Building a Complete Training Framework: Different Support Methods for Training

***NOTE:  This is a series of articles on the building a complete training framework. If you need training we offer corporate training in various forms.***

In a prior message we talked about using ongoing training and follow-up to lock in those great ideas we saw at a conference or training we attended.

But what does that look like. How do companies actually implement ongoing training in a way that really works?

Let’s dig into some of today’s popular options.

In Person Training

The long time standard way of implementing training and development are in-person sessions. This method remains popular today and tends to get very good results.

There is something about the human connection of being together in a room and working on growth together. There is built-in accountability and connection.

These sessions can be set to a company’s schedule which will often be monthly or (more commonly) quarterly.

Webinars/Interactive Training

Sometimes due to cost or geographic factors (a team in different locations) internet-based training becomes more practical. This is a great way to facilitate training and get key lessons in with less travel and logistical hassle.

Despite today’s great technology there is usually some loss of interaction and connection. But the increase reach and budgetary benefits often make this training a good alternative to in-person training.


Sometimes getting schedules together may be hard, even for webinars or internet based training. And sometimes budgets are smaller. In this case it might be a good option to do training by recorded video.

As an example, here are McBride For Business we offer training on the entire Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid in the form of video training.

In a typical program audience members will watch a short video on the subject matter of the training session and then have a locally facilitated session based on a programming guide we provide to maximize the impact of the session.


Another option is to have a coach work one-on-one with your team to implement the lessons. Coaching is great because it provides an outside perspective and accountability in ways that are hard to match.

Directed Reading

Another training option is to have directed readings on the topic where team members read on a fix schedule to keep thoughts, efforts and accountability on the issues at hand.

Discussion Groups

Having teams come together and discuss their problems, progress, issues and goals can be super powerful. I have found regular masterminding around issues with a fixed group can produce amazing results.

Many Options, Which is Right For You?

There are many options. Your organization’s needs are unique. One of the options above, a blend of the options or something creative might be just what you need.

The key is to get some reinforcement in place and learn what works for your team and organization.

Your subject matter expert can help you find the right mix for you.

What are your thoughts?  What have you tried? What worked?  What didn’t work?

Let us know!

The Our Shawn

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