Building a Complete Training Framework: How to Use Follow-up in Training

***NOTE:  This is a series of articles on the building a complete training framework.  If you need training we offer corporate training in various forms.***

Ever go to a great conference session, be it a keynote, break-out or workshop, and walk away energized and ready to implement the next great strategy in your business?

Ever fall short of that goal?

Let’s be honest here. The happens. Many times we get great ideas – ones that could change our world – yet we fail to act on them.

Every wonder why?

Getting to Why

In prior blogs we’ve talked about getting to “why”.

Knowing why something has happened is key.  But it’s usually more than one why that needs to be asked.

We need to get to root causes.

A Common Story

For many of our clients (be it keynote attendee, break out attendee or in-person workshop) the story goes something like this…

They get a few days out of the office to attend a conference or training. And the lessons learned were powerful and could make work so much better.

Riding a wave of excitement they come back to the office ready to implement. And then they are hit with a wave of deadlines, things that piled up when they were gone and calls and voicemails to return.


Weeks later the lessons of the conference still aren’t implemented and they are buried deep on some “to do” list with little hope of action.

But What If We Do Business Differently(™)

All of the inspiration and learning doesn’t have to be lost. But we have to Do Business Differently(™) than most organizations do.

You see the key for change and implementation for most organizations is repetition and structure.

Now most people are smart and don’t need to learn the same thing over and over again. But our minds do wire themselves around ideas with repetition and practice.

So how do we balance those two forces?

Enter Periodic Training

The key to success is to do to periodic training on those gems you want to implement.

For each conference or training pick a few “must have” nuggets. Then work with the presenter (most will do this for an additional fee) on a plan for implementation of the things you just learned that you needed.

Most presenters have different implementation packages they can tailor to your time and budget.

This allows you to refocus on the important things and to really make them happen.

Now you’ve taken steps to make the change that you know you really need really.

And it doesn’t have to break the budget either.

What’s been your experience? Have you had sessions that were amazing at first but didn’t lead to lasting change?

Is there something you can do differently?

Join us in the comments below.

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