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Giving You One of My Secrets to Success

May 20, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

The Six Group

People love success. I love working with successful people.

Success begets success.

So how do I work with other successful people in a way that brings more success?

Enter The Six Group

The Six Group is a concept by Dawnna St. Louis.

Essentially we have a group of up to six people and we focus on six key activities every day.  And we track them.

And then in a weekly one hour meeting we are accountable to our fellow members for how we did on the six key activities.

But Wait, There’s More

Not only are we reporting numbers but we are also testing our positioning statement, helping each other with challenges and finding new ways to grow our businesses.

Because of the weekly interaction we have a certain knowledge and understanding of each other and our businesses.

My Six Group currently consists of:  Jessica Rector, Silvana Capaldi, Rome Madison and Frances Rios — all of who are doing amazing things in speaking and the world. And that’s 5 – not six. We are still open for the six person to come to us.

It’s the most powerful mastermind I’ve been in.

The key is that we listen and learn from each other – and know each other.

Give It a Try.

This is an amazing formula. You can get information from me or Dawnna St. Louis. We are both open to facilitating more six groups with other participants.


P.S. If you are enjoying our tips and know a friend that needs advice that will challenge and improve their thinking on business then forward them this and have them sign-up here.

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