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How the Do Business Effectively(TM) Pyramid Can Change Your Training Forever

May 17, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Building a Complete Training Framework:  How to use the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid to Improve Your Training Results

***NOTE:  This is a series of articles on the building a complete training framework.  If you need training we offer corporate training in various forms.***

The Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid is a powerful tool for putting your training in the right order and setting priorities. We encourage you to look at and study this powerful tool whether you work with us or not.

This article will show you how to use this powerful tool right away.

Training Your Team (Correctly) Is Hard Work

Training takes time and money. And it takes time from your core activities. Many times we hear teams that are getting serious about training for the first time (or are recommitting) worried about how much time and money it will take to get to results.

And they are right — it will take time and money. Anyone that promises you results with putting in time and money is just taking your money and is going to leave you with results you don’t love.

To retrain adults in a long-term fashion is going to take serious work. You need to update thinking and rewire bad habits.

Sure you can learn some tidbits in a quick fashion that can make a serious impact, and that’s what I do when I keynote or do short sessions with clients, but those don’t have the same long-term habit changing impact as ongoing training.

You’ve Got To Get It Right

With all of this time and money going into training (assuming you are willing to make a commitment) you want to get a return on your investment (ROI). Any business does. And it wouldn’t make sense to invest if you don’t get back more than you put in.

And the best way to ensure a positive ROI is to make sure you are doing things effectively and that’s where the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid comes in.

Many companies attempt to put training in the right order or just work on the issue of the day.  But often deeper content issues from other areas of prior training or learning start becoming weak spots requiring more retraining as the training progresses. If only we had worked on those issues before they became issues in later training….

But the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid is like efficiency in a box (well, pyramid).

When you follow the order of the pyramid your training will build on each other progressing the organization to this goals and bringing each employee up to their potential to be a leader.

The Simplicity

The world keeps getting more and more complex which is why effective learning needs to be simple. Our brains are changing (there is lots of scientific work on how the changing world is changing our brains) and the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid recognizes that.

Complex thoughts and ideas take a long time to instill and the pyramid balances immediate results and long-term impact.

The pyramid is made to be simple and clear and each person in the training can know exactly where they are going as their career and training progresses. There is no mystery and the interconnection is clear – this lowers confusion and helps create motivation and buy-in.

And when using the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid it is clear why each training is needed which avoids the human tendency to say “this portion of the work isn’t as important to me.”

It took years to get to this simple of a pyramid. But now you have access to something that really works to make sure you are doing things in the right order, gives a clear map to your attendees and get results in the simplest way possible.

Put It To The Test

We think it’s so simple and usable we invite you to examine the pyramid and try using it – whether you hire us for the training or not – to see what it is capable of.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Drop us a note.


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