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Are you allowing your team members to dream?

May 14, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Addressing Burnout: Making Dreams OK

***NOTE:  This is a series of articles on the critically important subject of burnout. We offer programs on burnout.***

One recurring issue we see when working with clients on burnout is that a lot of times the person with burnout feels stuck (we notice this whether we are working directly with the person with burnout or the team leader that sees this in their team).

And many times the person feels stuck because their current position isn’t matching with their long-term goals.

But that is OK.  Most of us want to grow and do more in time.

What’s surprising, however, is what happens when we make dreams OK.  Make dreams OK to think about and OK to express in the work environment and amazing things happen.

One time Shannon J. Gregg and I were facilitating a group on Time Magicment(™). We asked a corporate team about their individual dreams. One of the team members raised their hand and sheepishly volunteered they wanted to grow to be a manager.  This particular team member was very concerned to admit this because they were afraid their current manager would be mad.

What followed was a very interesting discussion with the manager and the team member. This manager (like most managers in our experience) was thrilled, not upset!

The team member has made a common assumption that their boss would be mad that the team member wanted the bosses job.

However, from the bosses standpoint they were thrilled to have a team member that wanted to learn more, do more and advance. Talk about someone useful on the team!

You see teammates that want to do more and be more generally work very hard, become better problem solvers and do great work.  Sure they may leave at some point if they can’t advance in the organization but the work until then is powerful and valuable for the company and the team member.  And may times things change to open up an advancement opportunity.

Are you missing out?

Many companies are missing out completely!  The team members won’t express themselves and try to protect their current role by not trying to show they want to advance. The team member gets frustrated for having to “throttle back” and management gets upset they aren’t living to their potential.

It’s a lose-lose.

But when the team member knows it is safe to dream and the company supports their dreams they often excel and work hard (and smart) to get to their goals.

That’s a win-win.

Have you given your team members the permission to dream?  To truly express their goals? Might you be missing out?

Who has done this?  Please share your experience with us.


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