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How does a new product evolve? Does this give you some ideas?

May 13, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

How does a new product come into being?

Well it depends.

But let me tell you about the evolution of one of my products because I suspect it might spur some ideas for you in your business.

For a long time I’ve known my expertise is to help folks to Do Business Effectively(™).  But as you know, different clients come in different styles with different needs.

So how do you run a business in a world where so many of your clients are different?

For me and Shannon J. Gregg we have decided to focus on our expertise and then find the most efficient way to get that expertise to each client.

So that means the same core materials that work so well at conferences, in one-on-one coaching and for in-person corporate training can also add value to others in different ways.

So when a new prospective corporate client wanted to use our Time Magicment(™) training but couldn’t come to pay for us to appear in person we rolled out something we had been planning for a while – our Time Magicment(™) training by video.

It’s a great win-win.  We take the same core materials we have developed and we help clients in new ways.  This first client gets the benefit of being in our beta group which means a lower price and more hands-on for them. And soon it is anticipated that other companies will use the video training (which comes complete with facilitation notes for using the course in a team environment) and getting access to a different form of training there.

Do you see what Shannon and I did there?  We offer essentially the same product in a new way that different customers want.

Everyone is better off now.

So my challenge to you is…how can use use this idea in your business to easily create more value for your clients?

Write me back and let me know!

And if you happen to want to get some Time Magicment(™) training write me soon – you are going to love our beta pricing but it can’t last.


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