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Are You – or Your Team – Feeling Burnt Out?

May 10, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Addressing Burnout:  Setting Priorities

***NOTE:  This is a series of articles on the critically important subject of burnout.***

One thing we hear a lot about is “burnout”.  More and more people are feeling like they just can’t keep up. We hear from our corporate clients and we see it in our groups and when we speak.

And who hasn’t had “one of those days”?

The meeting runs long, the car is in the shop for a big repair, your client is mad about something someone said and now your administrative assistant is resigning.

Just a day in the life of many people these days (one where things aren’t lining up, but it happens).

My co-author of It’s About Time, Shannon J. Gregg, is a big fan of “The 5 Whys”.  Asking “why” five times to get to the root (and often true) cause of many issues.

When we do a 5 Whys analysis of people that feel burned out there is often a very similar root cause:  the person has too much to do in the time they have.

And it’s easy to fall into this trap. You just keep taking on more and more and more until your plate is full – or overloaded.

And then you get upset every time something falls off the plate.

You probably have star team members right now that are silently struggling with the stress of trying to keep all of the balls in the air!

It’s a common story, but what do you do?  How do you help your team?

This is where the hard work of setting priorities comes in. If you know what is important to you – and why – you can start to pick out what is more important to you (and what is less important). Who hasn’t focused on a deadline and accomplished amazing things in a short time?

But it is often difficult to set priorities in today’s world. Today’s world seems to be characterized with more contact and interaction, not less, which means more demands.

And it’s often hard to say “no” – but that’s often where the path to ending burnout starts.

When you stop and dream and think about your goals, and your organization’s goals, then when opportunities come along it is easy to spot those that are consistent with the goals and those that are not.

Your teammates at your company may be silently having this issue. As leader how can you create the space for them to tell you about issues?  How can you make it OK for them to say “no”.

Most people don’t want to say “no” to people in power.  And some people will take on too much to avoid saying “no” at great cost to them and those around them.

You can change your culture and business trajectory by making this safe and doable for your team.

Once the change is made then soon, with the clarity of priorities, you and your teammates can start juggling less and doing more.  Doing more of the things that matter and getting to goals and less of the things that don’t get you there goals.

And when you start seeing achievement in your day and progress to your goals rather than a focus on the things that aren’t happening or the projects that you didn’t get “right” you’ll feel your stress level lower.

Think about the momentum that will put in your organization.

Won’t it feel nice to not be a stressed?

What are you going to say “no” to next?

Let us know!


P.S. R. Shawn McBride speaks to audiences on how to Do Business Effectively(™) including how to add some Time Magicment(™) and reduce burnout.

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