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Is it Dangerous to Train Your Employees in Time Magicment(TM)?

May 9, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

“Success comes from good time management.”

I was recently talking to a CEO of a company that wanted to bring us in to do some Time Magicment(™) training.

The client told me “success comes from good time management”.

He gets it – and the need for getting the use of time right.

Now he wants his team to use this power.

But he was also frustrated.  He’s used the other time systems – and they’ve failed his company.

How can something so simple, time management, be so hard to implement?

Shannon J. Gregg and I believe, and we showed the world in our book, It’s About Time, that most time management systems start from the wrong place.

Read a “standard” time management guide.  The number 1 focus is speeding up what you do.

That’s great for the “old economy” before automation when tasks were more repetitive and increasing the volume of doing repetitive tasks could move your company into the fast lane.

But those days are gone.  Today what matters today is different.

We need engagement, creativity and ways to deal with an increasing volume of information flooding to us.

Think about all the demands and pulls on your time in a given day – commuting, grooming, talking to co-workers, cell phone, email, social media, television, radio, news, emergencies at work, kids, practice, reading, sleep…just to name a few.

There is no wonder that most business owners and leaders feel like their plate is always full and overflowing.

Starting at a different place

That’s why we start from a different place in our book, It’s About Time, and our Time Magicment(™) training.

We start with goals.  Specifically we start with employee goals.

It’s our belief that an employee that knows where they are going in their career, and why, is going to be more motivated and more engaged.

We then tie that employee’s personal goals to their role in the company.

For instance let’s assume Linda works in your customer service department.  Linda really wants to buy a bigger house in a better school district for her kids, Johnny and Sam.

The short-sighted employer would just see this as more cost to the employer and try to avoid Linda and her desire for a raise.  Some would even avoid asking about the personal desires of Linda.

But when Linda’s dreams can be uncovered it can be tied to her work goals.  If she could earn a promotion she’s be able to buy that house (Note how the Promotability Process(™) is one of the next steps in the Do Business Effectively(™) Pyramid.)

When Linda makes that connection in training she’ll work harder.

But what about the employee that wants to start their own company or leave?  Maybe we shouldn’t do training because the employee might depart or be motivated to leave to get their dreams?  That’s short-term thinking.

If the employee leaves it’s an indication that the job wasn’t a fit or that they weren’t working out. What company, when thought about logically, wants to keep employees that are a bad fit?  Talk about a drag on your culture and bottom line!

So that’s why we every employee to dream and know their goals. Many of your employees will stay longer and be more motivated!

We have goals, now what?

Once each employee knows their goals it’s onto the next step of tying those goals to steps.  And those steps are the foundation of the time management plan of the future.

When done properly you now have a team that is working hard to meet their goals and managing their time in accordance with their goals and the steps to their goals.

The net effect is an increased intentionality around the organization and more focused efforts.

And that is how you use Time Magicment(™) to Do Business Effectively(™).

What’s been your experience?  Have you seen employees manage their time better when they are motivated by the outcome?

Let us know!


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