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Are you practicing regularly?

May 8, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Are you getting your batting practice?

Have you been to a major league baseball game lately? Or ever?

Have you ever gotten there early?  (Very unrealistic with jobs and traffic for some of us, I know.)

For those of you that have gotten there early this isn’t a surprise.  But for those of you that haven’t maybe it is.

If you get to the game early you’ll see the players out there doing batting practice.

Those major league baseball players – the best of the best – are swinging their bats and practicing hitting the ball.  Not that they haven’t hit a ball hundreds of thousands of times in live games.

Could they skip practice and still get on base during the game?  Probably.

But they still practice.

Do you ever think why?

They are still honing their skill. Learning. Improving. Adjusting for that recent muscle growth or tear.

What does this have to do with business?

We need to practice our business skills too!  Particularly time management.

The demands on your time are always changing.  Life isn’t static. What worked last week may not work next week. And the way you managed your time 10 years ago isn’t going to help much today.

So if you want to be magical with your time use and bring some Time Magicment(™) into your world here are some tips:

Periodically (at least quarterly) look at how you are dividing your time between tasks- update your time blocks.;

  1. Think critically about how you are using your time – is everything you are doing the best use of your time?;

  2. Ask yourself what did you used to say “yes” to that made sense that you should now say “no” to?; and

  3. What have you been failing at in your time management?  What keeps being a problem?

Good time management is more art than science. Keep looking at it with a critical eye and change to get better.

If you aren’t thinking constantly about how you are managing time I can bet you are leaving money on the table!  Small, regular improvements in how you use your time will make a huge difference in results!


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