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What would a sponsorship mean for your business?

May 5, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Have you thought about a sponsorship of an event and what it could do for your business?

Think about it.

Sponsoring can be the gateway to developing relationships.

And the positive association can run deep.  And right now there is a unique opportunity.

With the planning of a blitz around the McBride For Business Do Business Effectively(™) Triangle and Time Magicment(™) there will soon be a host of opportunities to sponsor events involving me and Shannon J. Gregg.

We are looking for sponsors for in-person events, webinars and other content.  Since there is so much new being planner there are lots of chances for you to get in with us!

Starting with the webinars you’ll get a chance to associate with our content and brand.

Think about sharing an upcoming webinar about Time Magicment(™) that your list can attend for free — and positioning yourself and your brand alongside ours!  Our clients have loved our content and I am sure yours will too. And they’ll feel closer to you and your brand.

You get to give something of value to your list for no charge to them.  You get associate with us. And we get to know each other – who knows where that could lead?

And right now you can get in with ground-floor pricing.

You might be SHOCKED at how cheap it could be to sponsor one of our events. And we can talk about building that sponsorship into a long-term relationship and collaboration.

Don’t waste time.  If there is any interest reach out to me today.


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