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What would happen if you had the time to plant just a few more seeds?

May 3, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Time Management.

To so many it seems so simple. Or so “soft”.  Many people fail to invest in time management.

For many years I worked on my time management.  It was always critical. And as I was able to accomplish more in less and less time great things started happening for me.

And I believe everyone can get there. It just requires the right focus, attention and – perhaps – coaching.


And now that we’ve released the McBride For Business Do Business Effectively(™) Triangle its clarifies how foundational time management is for a great career.



See “It’s About Time”/Time Management right at the foundation?


But there is one thing I should make clear.

Even people that spend substantial time on time management – like me and my partner on all things Time Magicment(™) Shannon J. Gregg – still have to keep adjusting, learning and – listen to this – failing.

Yes, we even get our schedules wrong sometimes!

But the key to time management success is activity, monitoring and metrics.

Because sometimes we do the activity now and the results come later. But the key is we plant the seeds now.

And sometimes those seeds pop up in strange ways.


Who remembers the band “Tommy James and the Shondells”?

Very popular in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Tommy James and the Shondells weren’t an overnight success. If you can’t remember them, think “Crimson and Clover” (not the great version by Joan Jett, but the prior one) and “I think we are alone now”, among others.

After having some local success in Michigan and the nearby states Tommy James had basically given up on singing.  All of the original “Shondells” had gone off to war or otherwise disbanded.

But then one day Tommy James got a call.  A call from Pittsburgh of all places. Tommy James was still in Michigan. Long distance calls used to cost real money back then so something must be up!

The voice on the other side of the phone wanted Tommy James and the Shondells to perform – in Pittsburgh.

You see a few years prior Tommy James and the Shondells had cut a record. Locally popular their songs didn’t go far nationally, however.

Until…until someone in Pittsburgh found one of their songs in a used record store and started playing it at local events. The song “Hanky Panky” became popular in Pittsburgh.  So popular, in fact, that folks were illegally making copies of it to sell to meet demand, all without Tommy James, or the Shondells, knowledge.

It seems Tommy James and the Shondells were in a hit a few hundred miles from home, all unknown to them.

So Tommy James did what any good entrepreneur would do. He headed to Pittsburgh.  Of course he had to recruit a new set of “Shondells” to act as his band.

His popularity grew.  Soon he was a national act – along with the new Shondells.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

A seed he had planted years earlier germinated in a strange way.

Sometimes you never know how your seeds will grow.

But one things is for sure – the more seeds you plant the more chances you’ll have of a great harvest!

So keep planting folks!  Manage your time to plant as many good seeds as you can.

Monitor your activities to make sure you are always planting.


And if your time management – or your organization’s time management – is a bit off please reach out to us.  We have tools that can help you. And since time management is foundational item of business success it will change your entire business AND life.

Right this week we are working on setting up coaching, corporate training and speaking on time management in different places. Our core materials can be used in many ways. And we love helping folks.


What’s your biggest time management challenge?  Even if you don’t need our help we’d love to share ideas with you.

Let us know!


P.S. If you are enjoying our tips and know a friend that needs advice that will challenge and improve their thinking on business forward them this and have them sign-up here.

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