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Metrics and Disappointment

April 28, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »

Metrics.  Shannon J. Gregg and I are huge fans.

When we teach time management, or rather Time Magicment(™), we talk a lot about installing metrics.

And good metrics monitor the things you do that lead to the results you want.

Note:  it’s the things you do that metrics should measure, not the results.

And sometimes you do things that lead to the results you want — and nothing happens.

Believe me it happens to all of us.

Let me take you behind the curtains to my world.

Here you are…behind the scenes and McBride For Business.

Let’s start with the goals. One of my biggest goals is to help others live their dreams. Shannon J. Gregg and I have committed to impact (and improve) 10,000 careers.

But how to we get there?  Speaking and consulting with clients is a big part of it.

I need to be on more stages – think national and regional conferences with business owners and business leaders in the audiences.  I have a message that helps them. And they are in power at the organizations with the teams I can help.

To get on the stages it requires ever growing circles of friendship and influence.

And do to do that I keep up this email list.  And I work hard to write meaningful things that will help successful private business owners – like you.

I try to keep giving things of value from my speeches, audience interactions and client work.  I want to help you. And in the end I want you to know the tip of the iceberg of what I can do if you – or a group you belong to – ever needs bigger help.

And I also do a like release videos on my LinkedIn Page.

But recently I had a day where I recorded several videos and no one watched.  I mean like one view per video.

Some of my videos get a thousand or more views (and I know others get a lot more so I am not bragging by any stretch).  But WOW – Crickets.

It makes you question things in your mind.  Why spend all that time recording for 1 view?

But I know my direction.  The metrics were set at a time of cold reflection.  I know they’ll work. So I keep going. (After a few long hours the view numbers started to creep up)

At least for now.  At some point I’ll revisit the metrics and see if I am allocating my time right.  But one bad day of feedback doesn’t change it.

And that’s why we have metrics.  Metrics that are based on our activity – not the results we see.

What’s your experience?  Are you using metrics? What feedback are you getting?

Let me know!


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