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Who do you love?

April 27, 2018 // R. Shawn McBride // No Comments »


What is love?

Que music.

Just like great music can bring back emotions and feeling we know there is feeling in business too.

Things that we love.  Things that make us feel good.  Things that inspire us.

In fact business without inspiration would be, well…., boring.

Many of the greatest things in business were a response to inspiration.

Do you feel love for some of the people and things you experience in business.

Do you ever stop and say “I love you”?

I did recently.  I created a LinkedIn video and started commenting on all of the people I love in business.  It’s a lot. And if I didn’t get to you I am still adding folks.

I am blessed.  A lot of people have given me love in business.  And I have a lot to love.

Who do you love in business?

Join the comment chain.

I’d also be touched if you did your own video and talk about those that you love.  Just let me know when you do so I can join in your movement.

Check out my video on love from the other day.

Don’t be afraid to comment there or write me here on your thoughts on love!

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