We help successful private business owners build companies that stand the test of time - to protect the value and wealth they have worked so hard to create.



Diversify Your Leadership


We will work side-by-side you with to develop a new management structure that will help your company continue if you aren't there. You can rest at night knowing that you are leaving an organized company to your loved ones if you walk out of life.

Engage Your Employees


The key to great companies is great employees. And not just having employees, but having employees that are engaged. Our programs and training are designed to do just that.

Plan A Strategy


R. Shawn McBride is all about plans and he has worked with clients from coast- to-coast and internationally. Usually an outside perspective on how to compete better and do more can unlock amazing value. Shawn and his team can help you do more.


”The business lessons I have learned from R. Shawn McBride are worth retaining and repeating. He is an engaging businessman, speaker and author. He’s helped me to transform the way I think about business and planning for bigger, brighter tomorrows - atypical perhaps of a lawyer, but very expected from a business guru with spirit, like Shawn.”

ANNE BRUCE, McGraw-Hill Author/Professional Speaker

“Shawn is masterful at helping business owners foresee problems before they happen and structuring solutions to head these issues off at the pass.”

DEIRDRE SANBORN, Business Consultant, and Coach

You've worked hard to get where you are. You've been through so many trials and challenges building a business. And now you are a little worried.

• How do you make your company bigger?
• How do you protect your wealth?
• How do you make sure your company lasts beyond your life?
You deserve answers to these questions. And working with an experienced advisor,
like R. Shawn McBride, can make all of the difference.
Let's have a no obligation chat about what is possible for you, your business, your family, your team and your legacy.

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The next step is to have a conversation to see how we might be able to meet your needs. We will arrange a meeting time to discuss your specific situation. While our office is in Dallas,  we work with many of our clients in their locations throughout the world by phone or e-mail. Let us know where you are located so we can coordinate with your schedule/time zone.


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